Alfonse L'Amour, A New Children's Book
Alfonse L'Amour, The Dog Next Door
A story about a very big dog and his neighbor — a "very active" little boy named Chase. Some children might even see a bit of themselves in this adventuresome story, and it could just spark a conversation or two about such a “big mystery.” Published in August 2012.  Written by Diane Light and Illustrated by Joshua Otero, this is the first book in Diane’s series A View From The Moon.  

© Copyright 2012 by Diane R. Light


About the Illustrator

Joshua Otero is the illustrator for the book Alfonse L'Amour - The Dog Next Door. His contributions toward Diane Light's fun and somewhat mysterious children’s story include working as the Character Designer, Layout Artist, and Page Illustrator.

He creates original characters with personality for children’s books and for animation, and also creates serious or comical logos. As a mural artist, Joshua captures scenes from children's books to paint for kids’ rooms.

"I want my illustrations to move the viewer to the desired emotion requested. With designing characters, I want to make them interesting and fun. I love creating imaginative and wondrous places and environments using vivid color and inviting and interesting compositions.”
 --- Joshua Otero

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